Sterling Silver Belly Button Rings

Add magnificence and simple elegance by donning these sterling silver belly button rings. Choose from the extensive collection of high-quality silver rings to wear on your midriff. These rings suit you and your girl friends or romantic partner if sterling silver is an absolute must in your accessories to avoid possible allergies.

Give off a beachy vibe with this cute Hawaiian slipper belly button ring The slipper is decorated with a plumeria flower on the top, adding a girly feel to this casual pendant
Hawaiian Slipper Flower Belly Button Ting (Size: 3/8”)


Seal your friendship with your best buddy with this best friend emblem belly button ring Featuring the other half of a heart for each ring, you and your best friend can choose between the pink and blue barbell, depending on your personalities
Best Friends Belly Button Ring (Size” 3/8”)


Get three times more magnificence with the graduated CZ gemstones belly button ring With its intricate gem base and the gradual increase in stone sizes (4mm, 5mm, 6mm), you’ll instantly become a head-turner
Graduated Gemstones Belly Button Ring (Size: 3/8”)


Showcase your Leo pride by rocking this Leo Lion horoscope emblem crafted carefully from Sterling silver Wearing this on your midriff will add a kick-ass aura to your outfit of the day
Leo Lion Horoscope Belly Ring (Size: 3/8”)


Get enchanted with the aqua hue of the cubic zirconia gems embedded on the swirling flower pendant of this belly button ring With the delicate and intricate flower frame supporting the lovely aqua gems, people won’t be able to help but stop and stare at your alluring midriff jewel
Aqua Cubic Zirconia Whirling Flower Belly Ring (Size: 3/8”)


There’s nothing quite like butterflies to adorn any belly ring—take it to a whole new level by choosing Swarovski gems to form these captivating butterflies on your midriff jewel You’ll definitely ooze a charming and charismatic personality with this bling
Aqua Butterfly Belly Button Ring (Size: 3/8”)


Channel your inner forest nymph with this jade and sterling silver belly button ring The jade teardrop gem is surrounded by clear cubic zirconia gems in the shape of an entrancing leaf wreath to complete the nature feel of this jewel
Jade and Sterling Silver Belly Button Ring (Size: 5mm ball)


Have a daily reminder of your special someone’s love by wearing this couple emblem on your midriff This ring is decorated with hot pink cubiz zirconia gems, with the couple pendant hanging separately but joined in a hand-to-hand lock A romantic display of affection, indeed
Boyfriend and Girlfriend Belly Button Ring (Size: 3/8”)