Hello Kitty Belly Button Rings

The super-iconic pink cat has just evolved various one-of-a-kind looks with this Helly Kitty Belly Button Rings. This collection is for the inner Hello Kitty fan in you, whether you admit it or not. Get one to accessorize your daily clothing choices or as a gift for a Hello Kitty fan friend.

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? Nobody Everyone just digs this charming kitten with the dainty, pink bow Get your own dose of Hello Kitty cuteness by wearing this belly button ring
Hello Kitty Pink Bow Belly Button Ring (Size: 3/8”)


Who would’ve thought that our innocent kitty can be naughty? Be a naughty little lady just like this black Hello Kitty devil (with a pitchfork pierced on a heart to boot!)
Hello Kitty Devil Sexy Belly Button Ring


Our beloved Hello Kitty is fashionably flexible, too Ditch the traditional pink bow for this Hello Kitty red bow belly button ring made of red and clear crystal encrusting
Hello Kitty Red Bow Belly Button Ring (Size: 3/8”)


Not digging Hello Kitty’s traditional hair bow? Mix things up a little bit—go for a flower accessory for Kitty with this Hello Kitty pink flower bow belly button ring
Hello Kitty Pink Flower Bow Belly Button Ring (Size: 3/8”)


Take your Hello Kitty bling up a notch by opting for a fully-encrusted Hello Kitty face pendant This belly button ring is designed by a crystal-paved Hello Kitty head and a CZ-adorned, gold-plated bow
Hello Kitty Clear CZ Paved Face (Size: 3/8”)


If you’re not into baby pink hues but absolutely love Hello Kitty, opt for this aqua-toned Hello Kitty angel Check out the flower wreath on her ear, too! This belly button’s too adorable to pass up on
Hello Kitty Aqua Angel with Wings Belly Button Ring (Size: 3/8”)


Let everyone see AND hear your belly button bling by wearing this Hello Kitty Jingle Bell navel ring The accessory is designed with a pink crystal connected to a Hello Kitty pendant that has a bell inside it!
Hello Kitty Jingle Bell Head Dangle Belly Button Ring (Size: 3/8”)