Cute Belly Button Rings

Stand out from the sea of common belly button ring designs by choosing your next midriff bling from this collection of cute belly button rings. The adorable designs in this group will certainly bring out the cutesy lady in you or your girlfriends.

Imagine people coming up to you, looking down at your midriff area, and going “Awww” This is exactly what happens when you choose to playfully wear this cute zebra belly ring Get one to match your cute fashion clothing finds Besides, you won’t be able to resist that sweet zebra’s wide smile
Cute Zebra Belly Ring (Size: 7/16)


This chunky little fellow wants to be part of your animal jewellery collection See how he’s pleading with his dotted eyes and pink snout? Just say yes and bring him home now
Cute Moo Moo Cow Belly Ring (Size: 3/8″)


As if an elephant alone isn’t heavy enough, now you’ve got one that’s heavily encrusted with crystals This sparkle-ornamented elephant belly button ring showcases clear and black Cubic Zirconia gems on sterling silver that punctuates a curved surgical steel curved barbell
Cute Elephant Belly Ring with Crystals (Size: 6/16”)


Rock a fruity-licious belly by styling your midriff with this cherry belly ring This dangling ring features ruby crystals propped on surgical grade stainless steel frames and barbell
Ruby Red Dangling Cherry Belly Ring (Size: 7/16″)


Bring out the stylish, tasteful lady in you with this charm belly ring adorned with stunning and exquisite flower gemstones hanging from an eye-catching purple butterfly The overall purple aura of these garden designs is simply alluring
Purple Butterfly Charm Belly Button Ring (Size: 7/16″)


When you want to sport cute animal jewellery, you can’t go any cuter than a squinting monkey Brighten up your midriff area with this incredibly irresistible clay monkey belly button dangle
Hardened Clay Monkey Face Belly Button (Size: 7/16”)


A picture paints a thousand words Just take one quick look at this innocent little creature—he’s basically saying “Pick me, maybe?” with that charming, disarming smile
Baby Giraffe Belly Ring (Size: 7/16”)


Hello Kitty fans, unite! This Hello Kitty hollow frame, decorated with baby pink crystals, is just too adorable not to include in your collection, whether you’re a fan or not
Hello Kitty Solitaire Belly Button Ring (Size: 7/16”)